Goldsmiths Fair London

A graduate from Central Saint Martins, London, Vicky Lew's design aesthetic is rooted in the classical Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, that beauty can also be found in imperfection, impermanence and incompletion. 

Vicky who comes from Kuala Lumpur crafts each piece with traditional Eastern sensibilities and Western design concepts.

The FLIGHT collection is inspired by a transient moment of a bird before take-off, frozen in time. Each piece, handcrafted in England, reveals the gem-set bird at the intended angle enhancing the viewer's experience of the illusion of a bird in flight.

Goldsmiths’ Fair, organised by The Goldsmiths’ Company, is recognised internationally as the premier showcase in the UK for contemporary designer jewellery and silver.  It’s a celebration of the best of British goldsmithing and silversmithing talent and a treasure trove of creativity, design innovation and superb craftsmanship.