Swarovski Thermal Colour Fusion

Thermal Colour Fusion (TCF™) for Swarovski Zirconia and Swarovski Genuine Topaz enhances the stone’s surface with a permanent, hard-ceramic layer, which is resistant to production and cleaning methods. Coloration is restricted to the near surface of the stone and does not modify the body of the gemstone in any way. Importantly, unlike standard procedures, it does not use any irradiation so it is environmentally and consumer friendly. Swarovski uses TCF™ to colour genuine topaz and zirconia, both of which usually come in white. 

TCF™ has allowed the creation of eleven dramatic colours for topaz all of which are usually not otherwise available. Swarovski Genuine Topaz remains a genuine stone; TCF™ simply enhances what nature has created in order to offer a myriad of new design possibilities to expand designers’ artistic freedom. Each shade is strictly controlled so that it is consistent no matter how large the quantity of the order or size of the stone. This eliminates expensive colour sorting and is especially advantageous for pave setting techniques where stones need to appear exactly alike.


Swarovski Zirconia comes in a range of twelve TCF™ tones, each with brilliance significantly higher than that of zirconia colored by other methods. Each one is also closely aligned to those of natural coloured gemstones, offering designers and consumers a great alternative.