Vicenza Oro 2017

For centuries, the city of Vicenza and its surroundings have been synonymous with excellence in gold and jewellery. Vicenza today is an unrivalled international hub for the sector, hosting events and offering a multitude of services that cater for every aspect of the jewellery business.

VICENZA ORO is a must stop on the international jewellery circuit. It aims to support and rejuvenate the collective potential of the 'Made in Italy' strategy and the spirit of European savoir-faire.

Organised by Fiera di Vicenza, a worldwide event organiser, VICENZA ORO is looking to give inspiration, launch new trends, and be a benchmark in the industry for all technological developments and Corporate Social Responsibility best practices in the gold and jewellery supply chain.

The Maison Gems team looks forward to meeting with key industry players of the jewellery trade, gemstone suppliers of Topaz, Sapphires, Rhodolite and other gemstones. Most importantly, we are excited to view the new collections and trends of our wonderful jewellery designers and loyal customers.