Swarovski Genuine Gemstones

Swarovski Gemstones are known the world over for their unrivalled quality. For 120 years Swarovski has perfected its international reputation in precision cutting technology leading to the cut, in 1965, of its very first genuine gemstone, marking the beginning of the Swarovski Gemstone Business.

Swarovski Gemstones employs only the finest raw materials and the strictest manufacturing standards to conceive its Genuine Gemstones. All stones are cut, and polished exclusively on the company premises, guaranteeing outstanding results in shape, colour and brilliance, and meeting the topmost social and environmental standards.

At every stage in the journey of the stones, Swarovski Gemstones strive to ensure the highest possible standards and are committed to building on their strong track record of social and environmental sustainability. 

Swarovski gemstones are unique, as its precision-cutting techniques bring out the maximum brilliance, fire, and colour intensity of every stone. The beauty of a gemstone depends on the perfection of the cut, which in turn transforms the rough material into a valuable gemstone.


The four Cs

The quality of a gemstone is defined by the four Cs : cut, colour, clarity and carat. The cut refers to the proportions and symmetry of the gemstone, which affects the intensity of the colour as it determines how much light is reflected in the gemstone.  The colour should be uniform, vivid and evenly saturated throughout the stone. Clarity refers to the absence of defects such as inclusions found in the gemstones or blemishes on the surface. The greater the clarity, the more valuable the stone, although this will depend on the different varieties of gemstones. Carat represents the weight of a gemstone, so the heavier the stone the more expensive it will be. One carat is equal to approximately 0.2 grams.