Swarovski Genuine Topaz

Swarovski‘s skilled precision cut infuses round topaz with radiant light, intensifying the original beauty of the stone. Topaz is naturally occurring in a range of colours, including pure white or colourless. It has a good lustre and is generally free of inclusions.

Swarovski genuine topaz is cut in the Natural Brilliance cut and the Centria cut to enhance light refraction and brilliance. Centria cut stones meet the most stringent standards in cutting techonolgy and are carefully sorted to exceed the highest market standard. Swarovski uses Thermal Colour Fusion (TCF) technology to create an exciting range of colours. Patented in Austria and the United States, Swarovski‘s TCF technology enhances the surface of the stone with a permanent, hard-ceramic enhancement, which is resistant to production and cleaning methods such as ultra-sonic, magnetic pin, and acid baths. The TCF technology restricts the colouration to the near-surface region of the stone. Swarovski Topaz therefore contains no radiation.

For explanations on the difference between Swarovski MQ and FQ Genuine Gemstones, please see our gemstone glossary in our FAQ.